Online Classes: How to Cope Up with The New Learning?

In today’s society, online Education is widely used by almost all the Educational Institutions and other online teaching platforms. It is as simple as accessing the materials from any computer yet Complex.

Complexities due to technical glitch, network connectivity and domestic disturbances can hamper the effective learning, not just that, the mindset of the student and sometimes the casual attitude or attending the classes merely for attendance all these factors are difficult to assess by the faculty, which may come in between the Learning.

So, how to develop the Zeal and Zest for learning and motivate yourself to concentrate and make it an effective learning process?

1)One has to be self-disciplined and should be ready to work on your own. Since, you won’t be physically going to classes and you will be attending to the classes from the comfort of your homes. You Must be Self-Disciplined.

2)Be mindful of the assignments, presentations and class tests as the professors won’t constantly remind you of the deadlines.

3)Do not push off the work and try to complete it, if required, set a reminder to finish off your impending tasks.

4)Revise, Relearn and Ask Yes, if you feel that the problems in Financial Management is giving you a headache or you are feeling difficult to learn, then, you must revise, try to learn again, if you still fail to understand… Ask the faculty.

I would like to give few online class room etiquettes that the students should consider and adopt.

1.Self-discipline and having a routine are important. Wake up early, stick to a routine and be ready at least half an hour before the class.

2.Dress Up Yes, so what if you are attending to the classes from the comfort of your homes... dressing up makes you energised adds an excitement and lifts your spirits.

3.Turn on your video, raise hand, mute Vs Unmute If your institution has instructed you to turn on the video, then, You Must. If you have any doubts click on the hand raise emoticon and wait patiently till the faculty calls your name. do not disturb the class by randomly trying to speak. Mute yourself at all times until and unless you are asked to unmute.

4.Be attentive, don’t indulge in the social media while attending to the classes

5. Prepare for the class If the notes have been circulated prior to the class, go through the topics.

6.Sit in a quiet place and free from any sort of disturbances.

7. Enjoy and rejuvenate yourself during the breaks. That’s all Folks for now, I shall come with informative topics in the coming blogs. Signing Off!



Opportunities Of Digital Learning

I had a little free time and was pondering on the tremendous changes in the education system in the recent past.
Digital learning means that the students are no longer restricted to one specific learning style, this makes them interested in the process.
Abundant opportunities are waiting to be grabbed!

I am struck by the opportunities that lies in the virtual platforms. Quite recently, I saw an advertisement of learning the musical instruments online by a well-known teaching app and wondered... how well they are diversifying!

So learning everything from Taekwondo, Bharatnatyam, salsa( a form in dancing), baking, photography, crocheting to even coding are some of the new arenas that has opened on digital learning.

Well, the opportunities are plenty...right from accessing any material from any university to watching recorded teaching videos on YouTube, be it any subject …Accessibility or Access from anywhere and learn from anywhere is the talk of the town if one has the Zeal for it!

I have to also mention here that the number of YouTube tutorials and having a private YouTube channel is like a trend, if you are good at something then create your own channel, the young minds are exploring, something that we did not know at that age...and is rapidly on the rise.

Let’s talk about the courses…., there are various learning applications that has mushroomed and growing at fast pace in the recent past which is offering various courses for different levels.

There are programmes initiated by the Government of India designed to achieve the principles of education: Access, Equity and Quality, it offers best teaching learning resources to all and courses are from class 9 till Post graduation, designed by the best minds of the industry.

There are various paid and unpaid internship courses for the graduate and post graduate students. So, there are non-payable/ free accessible content to look out for based on one’s requirements.

To sum up, learning has no boundaries and the opportunities are plenty in the new world that we all have stepped in, which is a positive factor if one makes best use of it.

So, why waste time...start looking out for what interests you and what you need to work on, enrol yourselves and grow...
Fly High!

Signing Off saying: “If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always be where you’ve always been” Mrs. Manju!