Program Objectivies
    • To have comprehensive understanding of the corporate world
    • To integrate the theoretical knowledge with the practical aspects of organizational settings and techniques of management
    • To acquire conceptual and analytical abilities required for effective decision making
    • Evolve with the dynamic and complex working environment

Learning Experience

IIAM has been consistently reinventing management education with the objective of creating management leaders who can navigate the ever-changing business landscape. The curriculum is constantly updated to meet the dynamic needs of industry and academia. This provides an opportunity to continuously engage in innovating curricula by envisaging current and emerging challenges and opportunities in the business and industrial environment. To incorporate the contemporary academic and practice concepts, the curriculum design and delivery process is dynamic in nature.

Academic Program

The academic program is divided into four semesters consisting of eight courses each. Each semester consists of internal assessment marks (40) and external assessment marks (60). In the I and II semesters, the student is offered eight core courses each and in the III and IV semesters the student is offered three core courses and two specializations.The student is offered dual specialization consisting of two courses in 3rd semester & three courses in the fourth semester. The specializations offered are Marketing, Finance, Human Resource, Operations Management, International Business, Digital Marketing, Hospitality and Health Care Management, Banking and Financial Services,Business Analytics,Shipping and Logistics and Information Technology Management. Minimum 20 students must opt for providing specializations in any area. The student is given a course specification consisting of objective of the course, assessment pattern, books prescribed, reading material, course outline including a session plan containing day-to-day topic to be covered in each session along with exercises, case studies, carry home assignments, tests, quizzes, mini projects and other pedagogical tools

Summer Internship Program

In the summer after the first year, students are required to spend 45 days in an industrial organization doing a project on a significant aspect or problem of organizational management. The aim of the summer project is to provide students an opportunity to observe closely an organization in operation, and to relate what they have learnt in class to actual practice.

Learning Outcomes

The students will be able to :

  • Demonstrate the skills, knowledge and attitudes necessary to gain employment in the corporate sector or in family businesses
  • Identify and evaluate options for developing strategies in business situations
  • Use a range of practical tools and techniques for conducting business
  • Identify potential market opportunities in the Indian and global market
  • Describe and identify the implications for Indian business
  • Analyse and evaluate the issues that arise out of the greater integration of the Indian economy and businesses with the global environment
  • Identify and respond appropriately to differences in business culture and ethics in the international business arena