Director General´s Message

Director General´s Message

Prof. (Dr) Satish Ailawadi

The discipline of Management as an academic and profession has undergone a transformation in the last few years. In a digital era, knowledge is expanding at an unprecedented rate and technology has been renovating the entire ecosystem of management education.

Integral Institute of Advanced Management, Visakhapatnam (IIAM) has been grooming business leaders since 1987. Our academic credentials, achievements, and legacy of being the first autonomous business school approved by AICTE in united Andhra Pradesh put us among the leading business schools of South India. As an institute focusing on providing quality education, we believe in building management careers on a solid foundation of theoretical concepts and their practical applications through experiential learning. We follow a very simple yet standardized process of training our students where we build logic and skills. We are committed towards our students' development, growth & excellent training to meet the growing demands of new age professionals from the industry. Our mission is to create corporate leaders with input from the best faculties from the academic and corporate world. We facilitate our students to take a definite number of credit courses from a bouquet of electives while focusing on specialized and emerging areas in management and business with a wide variety of possibilities.

We shall build upon our value-based strategic thrust as envisaged in the Vision and Mission statements of the Institute. We shall keep revisiting the expected graduation outcomes and evaluation rubrics in our programme offerings to offer an updated industry-oriented business management curriculum. Our renewed focus on deeper and engaging corporate connect and leveraging our strong alumni base will continue and explore far deeper avenues of engagement. 

As a part of our legacy, our strong alumni base includes top-ranking and highly placed executives all over the world. Highly qualified and experienced faculty members, a serene beautiful green campus and other amenities are the hallmarks of IIAM. Coupled with these differentiators, the business & industry environment of the one of the largest cities of South India and an upcoming capital of Andhra Pradesh, makes IIAM a preferred destination for students.  

Along with my board members, faculty colleagues, staff, illustrious alumni, and students, I welcome prospective aspirants to realize their business management education at IIAM Visakhapatnam. Thank you, and wish you all the best!