Life @ IIAM

Students Clubs

Student campus clubs and committees keep students engaged in activities beyond the classroom. Some of the important student initiatives include:

Professional Clubs

Professional clubs give you the chance to apply classroom learning to the outside world, helping you gain invaluable leadership and life skills. The faculty, elected representatives of the IIAM student body, coordinate and manage club activities. The clubs organize competitions, events, and activities and offer excellent networking opportunities with fellow students. They also channelize diverse interests and talents of students by providing them with an avenue to display their skills.

Following are the Professional Clubs of IIAM:

  • IIAM Toast Masters Club
  • Finance Club
  • Marketing Club
  • Entrepreneurship Club
  • Bussiness club
  • HR club

Social Clubs

  • Prayas Club - An initiative towards serving the Society
  • Sanskruti Cultural Club - We are all Same, We are all Different
  • Kautilya Club - A Management club to groom the hidden talents
  • Dronacharya - Sports club to encourage sports
  • I-HUB - An IIAM Incubation centre
  • Portfolio - An IIAM Media Team

Events on Campus

Convocation Gallery

Convocation is being celebrated in IIAM followed by convocation ball felicitating the students on completion of the program

Honorary Title

Honorary title is being awarded in recognition of the Extraordinary serives rendered by individuals in their respective fields.

Student V Logs of IIAM Vizag 36 th Batch

Mr. D.Chaitanya,
36 th Batch
Ch Manorama
36 th Batch
Students of IIAM Vizag
36 th Batch