Guest lectures and Talks

Guest lectures and Talks

Guest Lectures

Guest lectures are an effective means of bridging the gap between academia and the industry. They provide a platform for industry experts to share their knowledge and expertise with students, while also giving students the opportunity to gain insights into the practical application of theoretical concepts. The guest lectures at IIAM are carefully curated to ensure that students get a holistic understanding of the latest trends and challenges in the business world. The speakers are selected based on their industry experience, expertise, and knowledge of the subject matter, ensuring that the lectures are informative, engaging and relevant. The guest lectures not only enhance the students' knowledge and understanding but also broaden their perspective and provide valuable networking opportunities.

Leadership talks

Talks by business leaders and CEOs can be very inspiring and informative for students. The insights and experiences shared by these leaders can help students develop a better understanding of leadership and management in the real world. The talks can also help students learn about the challenges that leaders face and how they overcome them. By listening to these talks, students can develop their own leadership skills and understand how to apply them in different situations. Additionally, these talks can help students build their network and gain valuable connections in the business world.

Faculty Development Programme

Faculty development programs prepare teachers with the latest teaching methods. They use technology to impart effective education. Students learn better and therefore perform better at exams.