Shaon Sen

Name: Prof. V Madhusudana Rao

Designation: Professor

Functional Area: Banking & Finance (International Banking, Risk Management, Financial Derivatives, Quantitative Finance, Strategic Finance, Corporate Finance, Infrastructure Financing, Project Finance, Treasury Management, Retail & Digital Banking, Bank Balance Sheet Management, Financial Analytics, Statistics & Business Mathematics)

Email Id: [email protected]

    • Joined as Probationary Officer P.O. in State Bank of India (SBI) & Retired as General Manager, serving for about 35 years.
    • Over 42 years of Banking experience / 11 years in Top Management Grade & 3+ years in MF as Advisor & leading Pvt. Sector Bank (now merged with leading Foreign Bank).
    • Head Financial Wealth Management / Digital Banking / Bhopal Network / Cross Selling for over 7 years (Pre-retirement) & Advisor in MF and Internal Ombudsman/ Head Branch Banking in a Pvt sector Bank for over 3 years. (Post-retirement)
    • Foreign Assignment in New York over 3 years. ((Domestic / Offshore operations)
    • Associated with Bank’s premier / flagship group: Corporate Accounts Group & also as Relationship Manager Project Finance, over 5 years.
    • Headed the world’s largest Bank Branch Mumbai Main Branch (bigger than group of several banks in key metrics)
    • Part of SEBI group in finalisation of ASBA (Applications Supported by Blocked Amount) for equity related investments.
    • Trained in international institutions / organisations:
      • World Bank Institute (Fundamentals of Infrastructure Finance)
      • Euromoney (Credit Risk Management / Advanced Project Finance)
      • Manufacturers’ Hanover Trust, New York (Executive Operations and Banking Programme)
      • Chicago Mercantile Exchange, Chicago (Options Trading)
      • London School of Economics / Duke Corporate Education (Strategic Leadership)
      • Maybank, Kaula Lampur (Bancassurance)
      • Amundi, Paris (Mutual Funds)
      • American Management Association (Fundamentals of Foreign Exchange)
      • FRB, New York (Payment Systems & Security Administration)
      • SBI’s Staff College, Hyderabad / Academy, Gurgaon, / SBIIT, Hyderabad, RBI’s BTC / CAB, NIBM (Pune)

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Teaching & Research Interests
Awards and Honors
Teaching Interests
Research Interests

Delivered several lectures at:

  • • Bank’s Staff College (Hyderabad)
  • • Bank Academy (Gurgaon)
  • • NIBM (Pune)
  • • Bankers Training College (Mumbai)
  • • Administrative Staff College of India (ASCI) Hyderabad.

  • • Deep rooted interest in Quantitative Finance, International Banking, Risk Management, Derivatives etc., Innovation & Design are close to heart.
  • • Several in-depth studies captured as articles published in leading newspapers / journals covering Interest rates, Interest Spread management, Interest Risk Management, Asset Liability Management, Profitability Management, Innovations in Banking, FRAs, NPAs Management etc.,

Journal Papers
Conference Presentations

Some of the areas of related businesses published, are as follows:

  • Rural lending
  • International Funds Transfer Systems
  • NPAs (Impaired Assets) Management
  • Balance Sheet Management
  • Innovations in Banking
  • Interest Risk Management
  • Profitability of Banks
  • Dealing Systems & Compliance
  • New Products
  • Case for indexing Rupee
  • Internal Publications in the Bank / Sponsored Bank, covering International Payment Systems & Microlending.
  • About a score of publications in Financial Newspapers / Journals

Economic Times: Asset Liability Management - Weighing the Basket
Business Line:

  • • Weighing the basket (Indexing the Rupee)
  • • Interest Risk Management (Wanted: more professionalism)
  • • Interest Spread Management (Testing times ahead)
  • • The interest rate game (Additional work for banks)
  • • Risk Management of FCNR Deposits (Foreign currency liabilities interest risk management)
  • • Drawing on a new concept to stay in the black (for improving profitability of banks)
  • • Emerging Opportunities for Banks (Reforms)
  • • Dealing Debacles – I (Why the failures took place)
  • • Dealing Debacles – II (Tighten control systems)

Financial Express: Japanese Banking
State Bank of India Monthly:
  • o Forwards – The Banking of the Future?
  • o Risk Management in Infrastructure Project Financing

Banking Finance Journal:
  • o Asset Liability Management
  • o NPA Management (Altman’s Z Score Model)
NPA Management (Altman’s Z Score Model)

1.Manual of Instructions for Advances: Published internally for the benefit of Staff @ Sponsored Rural Bank. Contains basics of Bank lending focussing on Microlending to agriculture & business @ rural areas & also Government schemes.
2. “Funds Transfer System in US”. It is an internal publication by Bank’s New York Branch published for the benefit of Indian Offices. Covers CHIPS, FED Payments & US payments guidelines & practices.

Associated with design of SBI’s first website.
Internal magazine (Communications) SBI’s Corporate Office.

  • • Several presentations on various facets of Banking, Finance, Insurance, Mutual Funds, Project Financing, NPA Management, Balance Sheet Dynamics, SMEs, MSMES & SHGs.
  • • Infrastructure Financing in World Bank EDI’s programme (@Goa)
  • • Digital Banking & Wealth Management. (@Mumbai)
  • • Cross Selling of Financial Products.
  • • Progress & development in the states of Orissa & Madhya Pradesh.
  • • Wealth Management Forum @ Mumbai
  • • Several internal / external reviews.

Awards and Honours

  • • Consistently I Class / Distinction right from SSC/Intermediate through Post Graduation

  • • Recipient of Gold Medal in Mathematics (300/300) in Bachelor of Science (Sri Venkateshwara University First)

  • • National Merit Scholarship Awardee in M.Sc. (Physics), Andhra University, Waltair.

  • • Computer Courses from US Universities (Queens College / Queensborough College) Theme Paper on “Innovations in Banking” and recognised with National Award from IIBF, Mumbai (Indian Institute of Banking & Finance (IIBF): Platinum Jubilee Celebrations).

  • • National Rank holder in IIBF (Banking Professional Exams)

  • • First in Diploma in International Banking

  • • First in Diploma in Financial Services

  • • Fifth in Diploma in Bank Management

  • • Theme Paper on “Innovations in Banking” and recognised with National Award & cash award from IIBF, Mumbai (Indian Institute of Banking & Finance (IIBF): Platinum Jubilee Celebrations)


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